Friday, August 16, 2013

Thanx for all the views!

Hey guys! Polly hur! Today, I want to thank all the viewers all over the world!!

United States: 31
Russia: 3
South Korea: 2
Brazil: 1
Canada: 1
Denmark: 1
Ecuador: 1
France: 1

Turkey 1
Venezuela 1

And let's get on with the post! ^.^

Today's new item is sold in Outback Imports, and it's very realistic. :)
I thought this item was pretty cool! :D
And finally, here's a hilarious video from Ryan Higa! (One of my favorite YouTubers)
It's a video called Honest Commercials and what commercials would be like if they were honest with you. :)
That's all for today, folks! Happy jamming!
xoxo pollylacke
"Less scamming, more jamming!" c:

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