Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Bass Camp" Music!

Hello everyone! Polly here!

 Today's new item is sold in the Diamond Shop! It is the Adventure "Bass Camp" Music! Haha AJHQ, very funny play on words! :)
The RIM is going to be Rare Nerd Glasses, (sorry for the spoiler alert! D:) Btw I found out from the Adventures... I don't have a pic doh. So erhm AJHQ is giving away those Rare Nerd Glasses in hard mode and they are also giving away slingshots. In easy mode, they are giving away teacher items, great for jammers that like to play school! AJHQ is giving away chalkboards and teacher's desks that I know of. c:
Lastly, here is my cousin's video! She's an amazing singer and piano player. ^.^
Here's a video that she recently uploaded, singing and playing the piano to ^Beneath You're Beautiful^ I <3 that song! :D
That's all for today, folks! Happy jamming!
xoxo pollylacke
"Less scamming, more jamming!" :OD

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