Thursday, August 22, 2013

GUYS!!!! :(

Hey guys... I'm kinda bummed out because I thought we were going to reach our goal by today, Thursday, but I guess not. Follow my blog and subscribe to my channel if you want to reach our goal.. (if you care.)

On a happier note, today's new item is the desk and chair!

There is also a small update in the Jamaa Journal.
The new Adventure is called ^Meet Cosmo^.

Sorry I don't have a pic! :(

I'm so excited for the One Direction movie, This Is Us!!!! :DDDDD

Here's the trailer if you're interested in One Direction.


It comes out on August 30, 2013! +1 if you like +Zayn Malik, +Liam Payne , +LouisTomlinson , +Harry Styles , or +Niall Horan !

Mkay that's all for today. Luv ya lots.
"Less scamming, more jamming." :c

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