Thursday, August 15, 2013

Small Update!

Hey everyone! Polly hur, and today there's a small update. First off, thank you to all of the people that viewed my blog yesterday, it now has over 400 views! :D Anywhoozles, let's get on with the post!

Today's new item is sort of weird... and sold in Jam Mart Clothing!
It's a very interesting design.. don't you see? :D
Summer's almost over, so of course, the items in the Summer Carnival are on sale! Sorry, I don't have a picture for this.
Also, AJHQ has updated the Adventure Base Camp!

As you can see, they already added a sign for Cosmo's adventures. D: Sorry non-members, looks like this adventure is for members only! Well, you never know, maybe AJHQ will make it for all jammers later on! :)
Anyways, here's one of my sister's videos on YouTube! :{D
It's a cover video of her singing ^Every Time You Lie^ by Demi Lovato! :)
That's all for today, folks! Happy jamming!
"Less scamming, more jamming!"
xoxo pollylacke :D

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