Monday, August 26, 2013


What's up party people! :) This ishhhhh POLLY hur! And as you can see I'm perty excited! :)) So yeah! There are (3) things that we need to catch up on, so lets get rollin'! ;D

(1) I'm back from vacation! It was really fun and we stayed at this really cool hotel for the End of Summer staycation!! Yea... it was really exciting and here's why:
We drove this boat on the lake that is by this town center thingy that's really close to our hotel, and get this, I GOT TO DRIVE IT FOR A BIT! .O. Yup ^-^

(2) Today was the first day of 5th grade for me. I probably won't have time to blog because my sister said you get a ton of homework in fifth grade. (my sister is ukulelegirl on AJ :D) Sorry! This SUUUUCCCCKKKKKSSS D: [Lol jk I <3 school]

(3) WE REACHED OUR 500 PAGEVIEWS GOAL! ^.^ WOOP WOOP! And now you know why I'm so happy?! Idk if I'm going to do the whole party thang though because everyone is in a different time zone so that's kind of difficult for me. v.v Especially with school and all.

And today's RIM is the Rare Nerd Glasses, as predicted! :)

>:( Errrr the pic shows up with a big 'X' on it, so I can NOT put it in this fiiiiiinnnnneeeee blog! Oh welp, you guys will probably see it somewhere around Jamaa!

xoxo pollylacke xoxo

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