Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bring Back The Old Animal Jam!

Bring Back The Old AJ~

~**Hello jammers of Jamaa**~

I am pollylacke, a fellow jammer in Animal Jam. I used to have another blog, but I didn't really like the name. So I made another blog! :D I like to catch scammers, and I have lots of videos on YouTube. I don't have any social networking sites, (i.e. FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) I enjoy playing Animal Jam, and I am younger than you think. Lol. So, now you know some stuff about me... Oh yeah, and my favorite color is maroon or pink. :DD

Okay! Let's get on with my post! I am really getting off topic. Why am I using such a big size of font? I don't know... Lol

  Okay. So, pretty much, this post is all about what
Animal Jam is like now. I kind of want to bring back the old times where everyone talked regular, and there were no such faces, like X3 or o3o.
     You can look through these pictures of what Animal Jam is like now. All about rares, scamming, getting what only YOU want, etc. Think about it. Does anyone agree that this "RARE" thing is getting sorta out of hand? Yea...

                                                                                 Oops I accidently uploaded this picture twice!

                                                                          That's all for today jammers! I will post more things later! Bye bye!!

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